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Jason Harmon

A husband and father of three relocated to Maryland from New York City in 2001. He moved to Maryland to raise his children and live the American Dream of Home Ownership. He soon learned more about what Maryland had to offer and after successfully becoming a homeowner for himself, he wanted to help others with that same goal. There something to be said about the joy one feels when becoming a home owner. So in 2007 Jason obtained his Maryland state real estate license and began servicing people in the State of Maryland with all of their real estate needs.

What Jason enjoys the most about helping people is creating the opportunity to make their “Dreams A Reality!” He realized that outside of driving clients around and looking at properties is first finding out what’s most important to them. Jason properly prepares for his clients by knowing exactly what questions to ask and how to best prepare them for the steps ahead by creating a “Road Map To Homeownership Guide!” Please email to request a copy or call for free consultation.

Jasón has been married for over 20 years and is a licensed minister who loves helping people achieve their dreams of home ownership. He does this with integrity, passion and dedication to serve others.